Saturday, 10 May 2014



is competitive accumulation of the surplus value that is produced after labor has reproduced its value;

cannot coexist either with the earlier modes of production that it replaced or with socialism, which would be cooperative production for the satisfaction of needs and the realization of potentials;

needs armed states to enforce property laws and to defend resources, trade routes and markets;

is compatible with either political democracy or military dictatorship;

is market capitalism when companies sell commodities;

is state capitalism when states accumulate surplus value in order to compete militarily against each;

is a mixed economy when the market is subsidized by state control of essential industries, like public transport moving workers to where they produce or consume;

involves cooperation within organizations and in society as a whole but competition between companies for profits, between workers for employment and between states for their economic and strategic interests;

revolutionizes technology through competitive reinvestment which, however, decreases profit rates, thus causing slumps;

simultaneously creates both wealth and poverty;

causes an ineradicable boom-slump cycle, monopolies, wars, waste, extreme inequality, corruption, pollution, sexual oppression and scapegoating of social minorities;

will exist until it destroys itself or is overthrown.

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