Saturday, 13 February 2016

An Apparent Contradiction

Zen monks look within, work on the self and practice acceptance whereas revolutionary socialists look without, act in society and practice resistance. These two ways of life are not only entirely dissimilar but also apparently contradictory. However, I believe that:

reality is one, therefore both "inner" and "outer";
both work on the self and action in society are necessary;
acceptance and resistance have to be two sides of a single coin.

We accept some aspects of reality but change others. Thus:

we accept that we need food but have changed the ways that we produce it;
we accept the law of gravity but have learned how to fly.

Inwardly, accept and let go of a personal past.
Politically, understand and resist current oppression.
We are Arjuna and the class struggle is the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Friday, 12 February 2016

The Highest Synthesis

Indian Philosophy
Karma is action.

Yoga is meditation.

Karma yoga synthesizes action with meditation.

The Buddha
Dhyana/Ch'an/Zen is meditation.
Buddhist "no soul" teaching is a middle way between materialism and soul pluralism.
Buddhist "emptiness" teaching is dialectical.
Buddhist precepts are a middle way between hedonism and asceticism.
Buddhist "working meditation" is karma yoga.
Ch'an Buddhism synthesizes Buddhism with Taoism.
Zen Buddhism synthesizes Ch'an Buddhism with Shinto nature mysticism.

Dialectics is interaction between opposites;
                   thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

Scientific socialism synthesizes economics with socialism.
Dialectical materialism synthesizes dialectics with materialism.
Marxism synthesizes scientific socialism with dialectical materialism.
It is neither mechanical materialism nor utopian socialism.

Zen Marxism is:
karma yoga;
a modernized middle way;
a higher philosophical synthesis than Hegelian dialectical idealism.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

When Meditating

When meditating:

sit still;
accept what is;
do not add to it;
let go;


drain the inner swamp.

Be pure consciousness, not a motivated organism.

This accords with the Yoga Sutras:

Yoga is control of thoughts.
Then, man abides in his real nature.
Otherwise, he remains identified with thoughts.
They are controlled by practice and nonattachment.

NOTE: "...accept what is..." inwardly, not politically. Do not accept:

economic austerity;
public spending cuts;
immigration controls;
anti-union laws;